GPS Systems

G2110L LITE Iridium/GPS Collar, Medium

A smaller, lighter 425 gram version of our original Iridium Collar, fitting a wider variety of animals; same easy data access via internet.


  • 425 grams LITE, total weight
  • NEW - 100% Wireless for high reliability
  • Long life, 2 years or more, typical

Get your animal's data anywhere you access the web.

You program this collar using the supplied Windows-based software. You control how often fixes are collected and stored, and how often data is uploaded to a dedicated website (up to six per day, each holding up to 22 locations), and when the VHF beacon will transmit.

The G2110E uses the Iridium satellite to send stored location data collected by a GPS receiver. An integrated VHF transmitter allows you to track to the animal, and a collar release mechanism allows for reuse of the collar.

Location data is uploaded to ATS' dedicated data retreival website according to the schedule you chose. A Google Earth file is available.

A monthly subscription fee, and a per-location fee is invoiced on a monthly basis. From the website you can remotely command "on-the-fly" changes  to the fix rate and mortality schedule, fix duration time, and Iridium data transmission interval. You can also send a collar release command.

The G2110E is refurbishable. You may return the collar to ATS to have the batteries replaced.

W100 Comm. Module for remote communications with LITE Collars


Typical Life

Variable; factors affecting life include number of GPS fixes per day, # of Iridium data transmissions per day, visibility of GPS and Iridium satellites, VHF on-time per day.


GPS Location Data:

  • # of fixes to collect per 24 hr period, 15 min. increments
  • Calendar days of the year on which to collect fixes

Remote Programmability (via website)

  • GPS fix rate, 12 intervals from 10 min. to 24 hrs.
  • Mortality hours, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 hrs.
  • GPS fix duration time
  • Satellite transmission interval, 11 intervals from 4 hrs. to 7days

Data Collected/Transmitted

Collar electronics collects and transmits to Iridium satellite: Year, julian day, time, GPS fix status, fix location (if successful), activity level, temperature, and system statistics

ATS computer generates and uploads to ATS Iridium website: a current data file, an accumulated data file (both .txt) and a Google Earth compatible file (.kml)

VHF Transmitter

Daily on/off time by hour, minimum on-time one hour/day


2 “C” size


Wireless communication interface for close range collar programming and control (PC/GPS Wildlink Module, ATS PN 17621)

Iridium duplex modem for data and program adjustment communication via Iridium satellite (commanded using website)


  • Weight: 425 grams, typical (.9 lbs.)
  • Size: Electronics Box 7.5 x 6 x 7 cm.
  • Box Material: Silicon-reinforced Polycarbonate plastic.
  • Collar Material: sized to your specification using 4.0 cm (1.5 ”) Neoprene belting.

Ordering Information

  • collar circumference, VHF frequency range.
  • Required, included with initial order: PN 17621 PC/GPS Wildlink Module.


The G2110L Iridium LITE collar is covered by a limited warranty for one year from time of shipment, or up to the calculated minimum battery life, whichever occurs first.

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.