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SR3017 Trident Acoustic Receiver, Shore-based

Used to detect and datalog acoustic tags in fish tracking applications; JSATS compatible.


  • Collects and interprets temperature, pressure and accelerometer data from ATS acoustic tags
  • No need to change batteries; can operate indefintely using shore-based 12 volt power supply or batteries
  • Easy access to your data from the shore-based enclosure
  • Part of a complete acoustic fish monitoring system that includes tags, tag programmer, and receivers

The most sensitive acoustic receiver on the market ... from the telemetry receiver leaders.

The SR3017 Receiver-Datalogger is designed to detect and decode binary phase-shift keyed (BPSK) acoustic signals like those used in the JSATS program. This shore-based version of the Trident Receiver includes high accuracy clock sync via GPS monitoring, and utilizes an external power supply. It also allows for RS-232 data offload via cellular modem or other remote communication method.

Using advanced digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms, the Trident is the most sensitive JSATS receiver available, which is why ATS was the only vendor selected to supply the original Trident Acoustic Receiver for the Army Corps of Engineers. The Trident beat out the competition in rigorous, head-to-head field trials conducted by the Corps.  The message length is only 744 milliseconds in length, saving power and reducing signal collisions. Other code schemes on the market are considerably longer.

Both the transmitter frequency and the background noise level is recorded with each transmitter detected. Data files are stored as csv text files that need no special processing to read. Optional use of filtering software in the user interface provides a data file with very few false positives. The Trident features a removable flash memory card for data storage. A USB port may be used to set-up and check status of the receiver. An external GPS antenna is included, and the external power input's voltage is internally regulated.

The model SR3017 package includes:

  • Electronics enclosure, containing a DSP-driven decoder and supervisory processor with removeable 32GB SDHC card. The NEMA type 4X enclosure features connection ports for the hydrophone, temperature sensor, GPS antenna, USB and RS-232 communication, and external power.
  • Hydrophone integrated to shielded, marine-grade cable, 50 or 100 feet
  • Magnetic-mount external GPS antenna and cable
  • Temperature sensor and cable (for calculating signal velocity for 3D positions)
  • Power cable for external 12V battery power (user-supplied)
  • Software: includes user interface, 3D positioning software (post-processed using data from at least four receivers)

Optional: USB and RS-232 cables


Time is continuously set and corrected for drift via GPS
Removable 32 GB SDHC memory card
Frequency tolerance
Decodable JSATS transmitter +/- 0.5%
Hydrophone Sensitivity
-174 dB re 1uPa/V at 1m (+/- 3dB)
Horiz. Plane Deviation
4dB or less
Vert. Plane Deviation
4dB or less, +/- 130 degrees from Vertical
Operating Temperature
0 – 50 °C
Enclosure size, type
28 x 18.5 x 11.5 cm, NEMA type 4X
1200 g (2.6 lbs)
Modes of Operation
Receiver detects, decodes, and stores to memory all valid tag codes. The receiver also records ambient external temperature
User interface and Software
LEDs indicate operational diagnostics. User interface software can interpret data from ATS manufactured sensor transmitters (temperature, pressure and accelerometer). Included software provides a graphical user interface to retrieve data and perform setup functions
Direct connection to receiver via USB allows user to set up deployment site identification, clock synchronization, access to stored date. An RS-232 port allows for push or pull data retreival via user-supplied communication device


One year parts and labor on materials and workmanship.

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

View of ATS SR3017 acoustic receiver hydrophone tip used for shore-based applicationsView of cabled hydrophone for the Shore-based SR3017 Acoustic Receiver


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