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school of fish.


We have a model, at the right weight and life, using the right attachment, for your species.

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Transmitter Attachments

We've included important application details for each type of attachment.

Acoustic Implant

  • Used in cases where a VHF signal is unuseable, such as in deep water ( > 30 ft.), or in seawater.
  • Surgically implanted under the skin of the fish.
  • Training is required when using surgically implanted transmitters (model SS300). Injectable transmitters would not require that training (model SS400).
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Body Implant - Trailing Whip Antenna

  • Surgically implanted into body cavity and sutured.
  • Antenna exits through body incision or gill cover.
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Body Implant - Coil Antenna

  • Used where external antenna may become tangled.
  • Surgically implanted into body cavity and sutured.
  • Minimizes fish behavioral change.
  • Field range 1/3 of trailing whip antenna models.
  • Extended range option available (B model).
  • Programmed options available.
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External Mount

  • Attaches to the fish through the musculature on the mid-dorsal region of the back at the base of the dorsal fin.
  • Intended for fish who could be damaged by an implant transmitter, but whose habitat is free of weeds which might entangle transmitter.
  • Using an external mount transmitter can affect the fish's balance.
  • Anterior and posterior attachment wires are embedded into potting.
  • Good field range from the trailing whip antenna. Extended range available (models with "B" suffix).
  • Programmed options available.

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  • Archive tags combine datalogging capability of specified sensors (temperature and activty, typically) along with a VHF beeper tag.
  • The archive tag must be retreived in order to download data from non-volitale memory.
  • Communication is via IRDA (infrared) wireless communication.
  • Typically used internally in fish, externally on reptiles.
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External Mount (Saddle)

  • Design used on crappie and other panfish.
  • Attaches to dorsal fin. Good for balance, and surgery not required.
  • Programmed options not available.
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Tracking System Options

Consider the telemetry systems below as you design your project.

Aerial Telemetry

You can get a lot more tracking done more quickly in an airplane. Many studies involving fish passage along rivers utilize small aircraft to locate targets quickly. ATS has all the equipment you need to outfit an aircraft - and your fish - for your aerial tracking project.

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Mobile Tracking

If you can boat in, you can mobile track. You can use a simple hand held antenna, but to increase range, use a larger, mast-mounted antenna.

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Coded Fish System

If large populations of fish are being tracked along riverine systems, where hundreds may pass a receive site within seconds, use a coded system. Use up to 100 transmitters on a single frequency; each will have its own code.

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Acoustic Fish System

A solution for your fish telemetry project where the environment may include salt water. Components are the same as in VHF systems, except the signal is acoustic.

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