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Coded Fish

Consider a coded system if large populations of fish are being tracked along riverine systems, where hundreds may pass a receive site within seconds.

This will allow you to use up to 100 transmitters on a single shared frequency, but each will have its own code. Although your ear cannot distinguish between these codes, a special receiver can.

ATS coded systems are renowned for their extremely low (<2%) rate of false positive "hits." Coded transmitters cost a little more, and operate for about 60% of the published life of standard transmitters.

We also offer the Triton line of very long lived coded fish transmitters.

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What You'll Need

Most fish transmitters may be programmed with their own unique code. The smallest, at only 0.15 grams, is the model T15 Tiny Transmitter. A receiver capable of decoding the transmitter's signal must be used.

Select a Transmitter

The models shown use a micro-controller, required to program each with its own code.

Select a Receiver

These specialized models are needed to enable decoding of the transmitter's coded signal.

Select an Antenna and Accessories

Two Yagi antennas are typically mounted on an antenna mast at an unattended receive site.