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Radio Telemetry Equipment and Tracking Explained.

Useful information to help you get your project off the ground.

Choose the Proper Transmitter Model for Your Project

Learn about the basic variables that will help you determine the right model for your project.

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Select a Program for Your Transmitters

Get the most out of your transmitters by adding a special program tailored to your study, and available at nominal cost.

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Operate Your VHF Transmitters

We include this information in every shipment - things like how to turn your radio telemetry transmitters on and off, etc.

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Use and Understand Radio Telemetry

Explore the fundamentals of your radio telemetry system.

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Decode the Beep Pattern from Your PET Transmitter (pdf)

PET stands for Precise Event Timer. This programmable option indicates elapsed time, to the nearest thirty minutes, since an event has occurred, e.g. a trap has been sprung. You need to count the number of “beeps” you hear, and then decode them with a decoding worksheet (pdf).

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Order ATS Equipment

All the details you need to place an order ...

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