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Select a Species

Select a Species

Signal Type

What type of signal are you using?

Attachment Type

What type of attachment are you looking for?

This could be a collar attachment, or small necklace, backpack, glue-on, or others.

Product Weight

Calculate the desired product weight

For most animals transmitter weight should not exceed 2-3%.

grams or less

Product Life Range

How long will you be tracking?

I don't need to maximize life, but wish to be able to easily track faster moving animals.

I need to maximize transmitter life and so a slower pulse rate should work, although tracking may be more difficult.

Program Options

Do you require specific programmable options? (e.g. mortality)

Programmable options are available on most models, except very small one's.

A basic homing beeper is all I need.

I need to detect more parameters than just a basic beeper transmitter provides. Select up to three (3); Options in green are available on simple circuit models.