Drone VHF Tracking

Super Charge Your VHF Tracking

Improve the cost-effectiveness of collecting data. Attach the Wildlife Drones system to your drone, then fly it out to collect signals from your VHF tagged animals, even in challenging terrain.

Meet Wildlife Drones

We are collaborating with Wildlife Drones, a company specializing in drone applications for radio-telemetry tracking. Our new tech partnership will provide our customers new possibilities and improved efficiency when monitoring wildlife in their natural habitat.

Wildlife Drones' Technology

The system features a custom VHF antenna and radio receiver which connects to your drone using simple attachments. Long-range communication system sends tracking data to the base station. The base station laptop maps all data in real-time and comes with Wildlife Drones’ tracking app pre-installed.

Ready to get started?

With the use of advanced drone technology, you will be able to gather more valuable data and insights than ever before. Get in touch with Wildlife Drones and take the first step to superior tracking efficiency.