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group portrait of Advanced Telemetry Systems employees


We are continually looking for talented and exceptional people to join our team.

We employ individuals with varied backgrounds, but especially seek those having experience in the following disciplines:

  • Fish and wildlife biology
  • RF engineering, design and test
  • Manufacturing and production engineering
  • Production assembly
  • Administrative and accounting
  • Sales and customer service

If you have a desire to join us, please forward your resume to the attention of ATS' Human Resources Department.

ATS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Current Openings

 Electrical Engineer                                                                                                      Posted May 2018.

Advanced Telemetry Systems, Inc. (ATS) is currently seeking an electrical engineer to join our engineering team. ATS is a worldwide supplier of devices to monitor wildlife and fish and has been in business since 1981.

Design tasks include hardware and software design of transmitters, receivers, antennas, hydrophones and recording devices. Transmission of information is by radio frequency or ultrasonic means. Communication methods include point to point, satellite and cell phone.

This position requires a four year degree in electrical engineering. Candidate must be able to work as a team player with minimum supervision. An interest in fish and wildlife is a plus.

If you wish to apply for this position, please submit your resume by mail or email to ATS' Human Resources Department, jshockman@atstrack.com.

ATS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.