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What we're up to, what you need to know and more ...

Our Lightest and Most Diverse GPS Tracker

from April, 2022 Tracking Points Newsletter

The model L20 Solar-Cell Tracker is a new GPS logger that will provide you with your animals GPS lat/long positions using 4G LTE communication.

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ATS Announces New Representation for the UK and European Continent: Dimaim Systems S.L.

from April, 2020 Tracking Points Newsletter

With this new office on-continent, we will be able to more directly and efficiently support our European customer base.

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We Announce the New T15 Tiny Transmitter...only 150 milligrams!

from December, 2019 Tracking Points Newsletter

We feature this new VHF transmitter that can be used on the smallest of insects, bats and other tiny animals.

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Our New Sensor Fish Will Help Your Dam be More Fish Friendly.

from April, 2019 Tracking Points Newsletter

We feature our new Sensor Fish, our GPS loggers, and the Acoustic transmitter from H2O Acoutics.

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Announcing the NEW Sensor Fish

from November, 2018 Tracking Points Newsletter

We also talk up the upcoming Telemetry/RFID Summit!

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ATS, Inc. and Biomark, Inc. to host Telemetry & RFID Summit in Portland, Oregon, January 23-24, 2019.

from July, 2018 Tracking Points Newsletter

We also feature our GPS loggers, and Neolink capability.

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New Lightweight Iridium Collar and Neolink Video Tutorial

from August, 2017 Tracking Points Newsletter

The G2110E2A is only 250 grams, and we are taking orders for the SS400 Acoustic fish tag, which is insertable/injectable. Make sure to see the video explaining the Neolink System.

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New Insertable/Injectable Acoustic Tag, and Geofencing Capability

from February, 2017 Tracking Points Newsletter

We announce the new SS400 Insertable Fish Tag; Geofencing is now standard on G2110E2 Iridium GPS Collars.

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New Products: Neolink Neonate Monitoring, 250 gram Iridium Collar, DART Fish Tags

from November, 2016 Tracking Points Newsletter

A recap of numerous new products are outlined in this issue of Tracking Points.

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New DART Fish Tag from ATS

from July, 2016 Tracking Points Newsletter

We announce the new DART Fish Tag; a combined acoustic and radio (VHF) tag. And, answer the question: "What's the range on these transmitters?"

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Product Recap and Have a Great Holiday...from ATS

from December, 2015 Tracking Points Newsletter

We recap some new products: the Wildlink series of GPS loggers, the Neolink VIT and Fawn transmitters, and our W300 Globalstar GPS collars.

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NEW Neolink VIT and Fawn Collar Will Alert You via E-mail at Fawn’s Birth and Mortality.

from August, 2015 Tracking Points Newsletter

This new capability features a radio link between our Iridium GPS collar and our VHF Vaginal Implant Transmitter (VIT) and fawn collar.

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Globalstar Collar Now Ready to Ship

from December, 2014 Tracking Points Newsletter

This new collar drastically reduces the cost to deploy GPS collars ...

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ATS Announces New Lightweight GPS Logger

from June, 2014 Tracking Points Newsletter

Our model G10 starts at just 5 grams, and is available in small collar, glue-on, and backpack configurations.

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New Radio Telemetry Books Published

from December, 2013 Tracking Points Newsletter

Both have lots of valuable information for those of you getting started in fish telemetry, as well as for seasoned professionals. They are: Telemetry Techniques, A User Guide for Fisheries Research. -- and... Fisheries Techniques.

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ATS Transmitters Help Drexel University Track Northern Pine Snake

from September, 2013 Tracking Points Newsletter

The Laboratory of Pinelands Research, under the direction of Dr. Walter F. Bien at Drexel University, has been studying the Northern pine snake for over a decade now.

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