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Remote Unattended Stations

Use this proven method to continually monitor your animals for weeks or months at a time.

By using a receiver with datalogging capability, you’ll know exactly which animal was within range of your station, and when. Retreive your data at the site with your laptop, at your convenience.

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For unattended operation beyond three days, use a 12 volt DC power supply with one or more marine deep cycle batteries, housed in a rain and moisture proof enclosure. We’ve heard of Knack boxes, fiberglass coolers, and ice chests being used.

You can calculate the size and number of batteries – in total ampere hours - needed to support your system. The receiver will draw .21 amps current, so an 80 amp hour battery, for example, will power the receiver for 380 hours (80 ampere hours / .21 amperes = 380 hours).

For operation of several weeks or more, install a regulated solar panel at the site.  The panel will act as a trickle charger for the batteries.

What You'll Need

Select a Transmitter

Select a Receiver

Our R4500 series receiver-datalogger is the industry's leader.

Select an Antenna and Accessories

Usually, two or more Yagi antennas, or a single dipole antenna, are attached to an anchored antenna mast made of aluminum or steel pipe. An antenna signal switchbox is also needed. You will supply your own steel pipe for an antenna mast. Order the antenna mounting kit, PN 13588, for each Yagi antenna you plan to install (fits up to a 6 cm OD mast pipe).